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Rurouni Kenshin Community

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The Rurouni Kenshin Community
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A community for Rurouni Kenshin Otaku~! ^^x

!!! What is it about?
   ♥ It's about a community and a journal of all LJ Rurouni Kenshin Otaku. If you like Rurouni Kenshin, please feel free to Join us here. ^-^x

!!! We have some rules, but it's not that hard to follow, don't worry, I'm nice, I don't delete members unless they piss me off. ^^x
!!! You must at least like Rurouni Kenshin.
!!! No double posting.
!!! Use the LJ cut tag if you are going to post pictures or long posts.
!!! No criticization of other members, be nice please, if you want us to be nice to you too. ^-^x Each of us have our own opinion, ne?
!!! Do not steal pictures or anything from us, if you want to borrow them, join us first and ask permission. <3
!!! Don't use our journal to plug non-RK or Anime sites.
!!! Avoid using offensive words.
!!! Post entries. If you joined and you aren't posting for almost a month, I'll have to delete you. o.o;
!!! Smile~! ^^x

That's all I think.. If you have any question feel free to ask moi27

!!! Links and Affiliates:
!!! tsukisasu
!!! tough_to_beat

Some questions..
!!! Can I request for a colorbar?
-- Yes you can. ^^ I'll make one for you if I'm not busy.
!!! Can I ask for an Icon?
-- Sure. If I'm not busy?
!!! Can you help me in...?
-- It depends.. I'm not good in teaching things.. ^^x
!!! Can we be Affy?
-- I'd love too! Just comment or send moi27 a message
!!! Other questions?
-- Ask moi27 ^^x

Community maintained by: moi27

Sanosuke is LUFF~! [moi27]

Rurouni Kenshin is Luff