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hello all! supremely new here, so greetings! haha i've been a fan of rurouni kenshin for about 6 years and more! :D

anyway, i wanted to just post out a general question, because it's been eating me for the LONGEST time.

personally i'm a HUGE kenshin/kaoru fan. frankly, i think they go together so well! really hated almost all the OVA's though. the anime and the manga's awesome (though the beginning of the jinchuu arc kinda bugged me), no offense to anybody.

i guess i didn't like the beginning of the jinchuu arc because of tomoe. i just don't like her much. sorry.

have to ask, who do you think is truly kenshin's soul mate?

i took a while to decide, despite my dislike for tomoe, because well... you can't deny that tomoe did shape the rest of his life. and she was certainly a big part of him, at all. i won't deny it, but without her, there wouldn't even be kaoru. kenshin would probably ended up like all those other manslayers. crazed to kill, because i suppose he wouldn't see the importance of other people's lives. tomoe showed him that, won't deny it.

i'm not going to say kaoru's his soul mate because he ended up with her in the end- i think that's ridiculous reasoning, no offense.

i think kaoru's his soul mate, well because i think she was more of what kenshin needed, more so than tomoe. to me, kaoru's more... pure. more innocent, and i guess i kinda think that's what kenshin needs. i mean everyone has a first love, right? i guess tomoe was kenshin's, but first love doesn't mean soul mate. everyone changes when they first fall in love, and that was likely the first time kenshin had ever experienced love, and hence, what changed him. not so much of who she was, but rather the experience, me thinks. he learned what love was with her, but that doesn't make her his soul mate.

she was simply, his first love, if you ask me. the one that he'll never forget.

on the other hand, i think kaoru not only taught kenshin about how important he was to others, but i think she showed him... the road  to happiness, if you will. you might argue that if tomoe didn't die, she would've showed him that, but i think differently. i just can't quite explain it, but i don't feel that way is all.

besides, they say soul mates complement each other, and i think kaoru and kenshin do just that. she is what kenshin is not, and that i think, is how they complement each other. her purity is precisely what kenshin's stained past needs-a little bit of purity. tomoe on the other hand... well, i guess i have to say that her intentions from the start weren't pure, and i think that says enough.

i guess this is just how i feel. maybe it's simply because i'm more pro kaoru, but this is truly something that's really hard to say.

to each his own, right?

i hope i can get more views on this! (: thanks if you reply!
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