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Hello, world.

Hello ^~^ Joined the comm recently.

Name: Kalei

Favorite character: Seta Soujiro

Why? His life story is one of the most tragic ones I've encountered in anime, and I feel so much compassion for him. And how he hides his emotions with a smile- it's not good for emotional health, but I can relate. I do that a lot.

Seen anime? Yup.

Read manga? Not yet (OMG! xD) It would be very nice if someone gave me the manga as a Christmas present. ^~^

Favorite pairing(s): Sanosuke x Megumi is my #1 favorite anime pairing ever ♥. I love it when they fight so cutely x3 but I adore the serious hints (in the anime) as well. I've written one fanfic about them, so if you'd like, please visit this lonely page. Forgive the crappy writing though. ^^; It's my first and only published fanfic.

I look forward to many happy posts ^~^
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